VA Brochures

Welcome Veterans

On this page you can download your copy of the VA's brochure on chiropractic care. The VA has "fee for basis" right here in Texarkana.
Here is what you need to do:

1.       Go to your VA provider with a musculoskeletal problem.
2.       The VA doctor writes you a "chiropractor referral" on the paperwork and sends it to Shreveport.
3.       Shreveport should approve it and send back a package to you in the mail.
4.       Call our office and schedule an appointment. Veterans are always welcomed and we accept VA payment. Be sure to bring your authorization with you on your first visit. 

You may have to fight for this benefit as the VA providers in Texarkana seem to have some problems understanding that they can refer you to a chiropractor despite being told repeatedly from the Shreveport center that they can.
If that happens, call Congressman, Ralph Hall at (903) 628-8309 and complain that you are not getting your chiropractic referral.  This has worked for others in the area.

VA Brochure

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